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Working Papers 2021

Working Paper 2021-01

Title: The Distributive Cycle: Evidence and Current Debates

Author: Jose Barrales-Ruiz, Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz, Codrina Rada, Daniele Tavani, Rudigar von Arnim

Working paper 2021-02

Title: Not your average firm: a quantile regression approach to the firm level investment 

Author: Doguhan Sundal

Working paper 2021-03

Title: Unfulfilled Expectations and Labor Market Interactions: A Statistical Equilibrium Theory of Unemployment

Authors: Ellis Scharfenaker, Duncan K. Foley

Working paper 2021-04

Title: Goodwin, Baumol & Lewis: How structural change can lead to inequality and stagnation

Authors: Codrina Rada, Ansel Schiavone, Rudiger von Arnim

Working paper 2021-05

Title: Post-Keynesian vignettes on secular stagnation: From labor suppression to natural growth

Authors: Codrina Rada, Marcio Santetti, Ansel Schiavone, Rudiger von Arnim

Last Updated: 11/15/22