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Master's Program


The Master's Program in the Economics Department is administered independently of the Ph.D. Program.

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Economics is oriented toward the preparation of professional economists who work in the public of private sector and also for students who may be considering further graduate work in economics or related fields. Students may choose the Master of Arts (MA) degree by satisfying an additional foreign language requirement that is coordinated through the Department of Languages and Literature in the College of Humanities. 

The program is oriented toward a broad, general training in economics which includes theory and applied courses. Areas of specialization include public finance, natural resource and environmental economics, economic history, quantitative analysis in economics, industrial organization, monetary economics, international trade, development theory, poverty, feminist economics, labor economics and others.

There are no scholarships or assistantships available in the Master's Program.


Professor Richard Fowles, Program Co-Director

Professor Minqi Li, Program Co-Director

Alex Francis, Academic Advisor

Last Updated: 3/25/21