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Job Candidates and Placement Information

2021-2022 Job Market Candidates

CarlstonKelsey Carlston

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Economic Mobility and Voter Choice

Research Interests:Urban Economics, Labor Economics, Economic Geography, Income Inequality, Economic History

Teaching Experience: Health Economics, Econometrics

References: Thomas Maloney| Codrina Rada | Norman Waitzman 

ClavijoPedro Clavijo

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Is unemployment hysteretic or structural? A Bayesian model selection approach for Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico

Research Interests: Macroeconomics of Labor and Distribution, Applied (Bayesian and Classic) Macroeconometrics, and Problems of Development in Developed and Developing Countries

Teaching Experience: Time Series Econometrics, Macroeconomics (Principles and Intermediate), Mathematics for Economists, and Development problems in Latina America

References: Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz| Codrina Rada | Rudiger von Arnim

HatfieldHolly Sue Hatfield

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Not a small factory, but a club: a property rights approach to the household institution

Research Experience: Theory and Heterodox Economics including Feminist Economics, Natural Resource Economics, and History of Economic Thought

Teaching Experience: U.S. Economic History (Lower, Upper, Graduate Levels), Economics as a Social Science, Online Curriculum Specialist

References: Korkut Erturk | Günseli Berik | Rudiger von Arnim 


Marcio Santetti

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper:Growth, cycles, and Residential Investment
Job Market Paper II: What are the structural determinants of US carbon dioxide emissions? An econometric approach

Research Interests: Economic Growth and its Environmental Effects, Business Cycles and Income Distribution, Time Series Econometrics, History of Economic Thought

Teaching Experience: Probability & Statistical Inference, Econometrics, Intermediate Microeconomics

   References: Rudiger von Arnim| Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz Codrina Rada | Adalmir Marquetti 


Ansel Schiavone

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper:Regional Labor Markets, Labor Share Dynamics, and Structural Change

Research Interests: Inequality, Structural Change, Agent-Based Modeling, Applied Machine Learning

Teaching Experience: Intermediate Microeconomics, Current Economic Problems

References: Codrina Rada| Rudiger von Arnim Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz 


Doguhan Sundal

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Dynamics of Competition and Accumulation in the US: a QRSE approach

Research Interests: Dynamic Systems, Industrial Organization, Political Economy of Distribution of Wealth and Income

Teaching Experience: Capitalism and Socialism, Probability and Statistical Inference for Economists, Mathematics for Economists, Introduction to Microeconomics

References: Ellis Scharfenaker | Rudiger von Arnim | Mark Glick 



ivanPlacement Advisor

Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz
Assistant Professor


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