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Job Candidates and Placement Information

2023-2024 Job Market Candidates

Kabeer Bora

Kabeer Bora (they/them/theirs)

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: The Drain Gain: An investigation into how colonial drain helped keep British economy buoyant

Research Interests: Economic History, Heterodox Macroeconomics, Economic Development

Teaching Experience: Heterodox Approaches, Econometrics, Economic History, International Trade 

References: Minqi Li Ivan Mendieta-MuñozDeepankar Basu

Yazgi Genc

Yazgi Genc (she/her/hers)

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Access to Subsidized High-Quality Child Care but for Who?

Research Interests: Feminist Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics

Teaching Experience: Feminist Economics, Political Economy of Race, Class and Gender, Mathematics for Economists

References: Thomas Maloney Catherine Ruetschlin | Sarah Small

Kob Kitcharoenkarnkul

Papungkorn Kitcharoenkarnkul (he/him/his)

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Not Just Food but the Workers Behind: What does district spending for food service workers do for student performance?

Research Interests: Applied Microeconometrics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Labor Economics

Teaching Experience: Microeconomics, Probability and Statistics, Econometrics

References: Eunice HanThomas Maloney | Richard Fowles | Peter Philips

Swayam Sarangi

Swayamsiddha Sarangi (he/him/his)

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Labor share decline across US manufacturing sub-sectors: 1979-2019

Research Interests: Income distribution, Structural change, Minimum wage policy, Industrial organization, Heterodox Macroeconomics

Teaching Experience: US Economic History, Marxian economics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Industrialization: The American Case

References: Codrina Rada | Rudi von Arnim | Marshall Steinbaum


Bruno TheodosioBruno Theodosio (he/him/his)

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: A Statistical Equilibrium Approach to Adam Smith’s Labor Theory of Value

Research Interests: Political Economy, Statistical Equilibrium, Heterodox Macroeconomics, History of Economic Thought

Teaching Experience: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Probability and Statistics, Marxian Economics, Capitalism & Socialism

References: Ellis Scharfenaker | Duncan Foley | Fernando Rugitsky


ivanPlacement Advisor

Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz
Associate Professor


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