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Job Candidates and Placement Information

2020-2021 Job Market Candidates

SoumavaSoumava Basu

Website | Email | CV

Dissertation: Caste-Based Dimensions of Tuberculosis Control Effectiveness in India: Three Essays

Job Market Paper: Is Tuberculosis Control Caste-blind? An Empirical Investigation of Socio-economic Dimensions of the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program Performance in India

Research Interests: Health Economics, Social Determinants of Health, Public Policy, Caste inequalities and its consequences, Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Environmental Economics

Teaching Experience: Microeconomics (Principles and Intermediate), Macroeconomics (Principles and Intermediate), Health Economics, Environmental/Ecological Economics, Political Economy

References: Norman Waitzman| Haimanti Bhattacharya | Gunseli Berik | Codrina Rada | Stephen Alder

Ari-Job-MarketAri Fenn

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Are Patients Collateral Damage?  The Effects of Registered Nurse Unionism on Patient   Outcomes in the Acute Care Setting

Research Interests: Labor Economics,  Health Economics, Inequality

Teaching Experience: Labor Economics, Principals of Microeconomics, History of the US Economy

References: Peter Philips| Norman Waitzman | Thomas Maloney

BlockUGabriel Pleites

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: The effects of coverage of state-level prevailing wage laws on union construction worker’s wage rates and benefits (1920 – 2012)

Research Expertise: Labor Economics, Construction Economics, Inequality, Economic Development

Teaching Expertise: Labor Economics, Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, US Economic History

References: Peter Philips | Thomas Maloney | Kurt Hegmann 

Simon Ruhnke

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: "A Healthy Undocumented Migrant Effect? Quantitative Evidence on Health Outcomes of the Undocumented U.S. Population using Machine Learning"

Research Interests: Quantitative Analysis & Machine Learning, Health Economics, International Migration

Teaching Experience: Health Economics, Poverty and Inequality

References: Norman Waitzman| Fernando Wilson | Megan M. Reynolds 


Marcio Santetti

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: "What are the structural determinants of US carbon dioxide emissions? An econometric approach"

Research Interests: Economic Growth and its Environmental Effects, Business Cycles and Income Distribution, Time Series Econometrics, History of Economic Thought

Teaching Experience: Econometrics Probability & Statistical Inference

References: Rudiger von Arnim| Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz | Codrina Rada | Adalmir Marquetti 



Ari-Job-MarketJunfu Zhao

Website | Email | CV

Job Market Paper: Investigating the Asymmetric Core/Periphery Structure of International Labor Time Flows: A New Network Approach to Studying the World-system

Research Expertise: Development Economics, Political Economy, World-systems Analysis, Inequality & Power

Teaching Expertise: Econometrics, Introductory/Intermediate Economics

References: Rudiger von Arnim | Minqi Li | Codrina Rada 



ivanPlacement Advisor

Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz
Assistant Professor


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