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Studying economics will help you understand the common challenges we all face and find success in acheiving your own career goals.

Interested in Econ? Economics studies how we organize our societies, and how we make a living.

Econ investigates all the big questions of today, from globalization, inequality, and sustainability to the future of jobs. In the process, economics students hone skills in critical and analytical thinking and writing. A major in economics provides a deep and rich foundation that will propel your career in any direction you want to take.

Interested in learning online?

You don't need to worry about going to school in uncertain times. A major in econ can be completed online. If Corona-Virus again disrupts teaching in the classroom, Economics is ready to sustain your learning in a safe manner.

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BA/BS Economics – Mission statement

A major in economics prepares you for a successful career in academia, private business, government,  non-governmental organizations, and multilateral institutions.

The discipline of economics studies societal production and distribution of goods and services. Today, the market mechanism is the dominant form of the provision of goods and services. Legislative bodies regulate markets, and intervene where market failures or recurring crises make that necessary.

As such, economics directly addresses the many political fault lines debated today:

  • How deeply should the national economy be integrated into a global economy?
  • Is continued economic growth sustainable in light of climate change?
  • What is the relationship between global integration and rising income inequality in its many dimensions—households, generations, genders, race/ethnic groups?
  • How can a nation ensure adequate healthcare for its citizens?
  • How has the labor market for college graduates changed in recent decades?
  • What are the economic effects of rising income inequality?

Economists study these questions with theoretical models, empirical methods (statistics, econometrics) as well as historical analyses. At the University of Utah, a major in economics is exposed to all of these methods. Core theory classes, rigorous quantitative requirements and electives in a wide variety of fields prepare students for a large number of careers.

As a graduate of our program, students will acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in the discipline. In the process, students will hone skills in critical and analytical thinking and writing.


Last Updated: 1/4/24