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Tutoring in Quantitative Methods for Economics Classes

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About Us

This new service provides tutoring support for students needing help with mathematical, graphical, and econometric material in economics classes.  This service is open to students in all Economics classes, and we especially encourage those in Principles and Intermediate Theory classes and Econometrics to make us of it.

Appointments can be scheduled for in-person or Zoom meetings.  Walk-in meetings available (if the tutor is not already scheduled).

Meet Your Tutors

phd student

Laura Beltran Figueroa


Virtual on Zoom

Mondays 9am - 12pm



phd student

Sanchaita Hazra


Monday (in-person: 3pm-5pm 

Tuesday (virtual on Zoom): 10am-12pm

Friday (virtual on Zoom): 1pm-3pm






Last Updated: 5/28/24