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Working Papers 2018

Working Paper 2018-01
Title: Advertising Economics Under Uncertainty: An Alternative Approach
Author: James P. Gander
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Working Paper 2018-02
Title: Are long-run output growth rates falling?
Author: Ivan Mendieta-Munoz, Mengheng Li
Download PDF (434 KB) 

Working Paper 2018-03
Title: Effects of Economic Liberalization on Gender Earnings and the Difference: The Case of Hungary
Authors: Tseveenbolor Davaa, David Kiefer, Valeria Szekeres
Download PDF (884 KB)

Working Paper 2018-04
Title: The Changing Dynamics of Short-Run Output Adjustment
Authors: Korkut Alp Erturk, Ivan Mendieta-Munoz
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Working Paper 2018-05
Title: Neutral Technical Progress and the Measure of Value: along the Kaldor-Kennedy line
Authors: Up Sira Nukulkit
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