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Working Papers 2009

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Working Paper 2009-01
Title: Introducing Demographic Changes in a Model of Economic Growth and Income Distribution
Author: Codrina Rada

Working Paper 2009-02
Title: Formal and Informal Sectors in China and India: An Accounting-Based Approach
Author: Codrina Rada
Published: “Formal and Informal Sectors in China and India,” Economic Systems Research, 2010, 22(2), pp. 129-153.

Working Paper 2009-03
Title: Extreme Value Theory and the Financial Crisis of 2008
Author: James P. Gander
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Working Paper 2009-05
Title: What is Driving Global Deflation and How Best to Fight It
Author: Korkut Erturk
Published: Economic and Political Weekly, March 2009, 44(13).

Working Paper 2009-06
Title: FDI Flow Volatility and ASEAN Members: An Exploratory Approach
Author: James P. Gander, Steve Reynolds, Richard Fowles
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Working Paper 2009-07
Title: Wage Structure and Unionization in the U.S. Construction Sector
Author: Cihan Bilginsoy

Working Paper 2009-08 
Title: What is Minsky All About, Anyway?
Author: Korkut Erturk, Gökcer Özgür
Published: Real World Economics Review, 2009, 50.

Working Paper 2009-09 
Title: Firm Debt Structure and Firm Size
Author: James P. Gander
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Working Paper 2009-10
Title: Promoting Gender Equality as a Means to Finance Development
Author: Stephanie Seguino, Günseli Berik, Yana Rodgers
Published: “An Investment that Pays off: Promoting Gender Equality as a Means to Finance Development,” FES Gender Study, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Berlin, May 2010 (

Working Paper 2009-11 
Title: Conversation or Monologue? On Advising Heterodox Economists
Author: Matías Vernengo
Published: Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 32(3): 389-96, 2010.
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Working Paper 2009-12 
Title: What Lies Beneath: A Case for Disaggregated Analysis in Evaluating Structural Policy Shifts
Author: Suranjana Nabar-Bhaduri
Published: International Journal of Political Economy, 40(1), Spring 2011.
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Working Paper 2009-13 
Title: A Cost Analysis of a Minimum Pension Guarantee for the Individual Pension System in Turkey
Author: Sule Sahin, Adem Yavuz Elveren
Published: International Social Security Review, 64(3): 39-61

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