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Defending your Project

If you are completing a thesis instead of a project, see instructions for Defending your Dissertation

  1. Decide with your committee chair during which semester you will be ready to defend. If you would like to graduate in the same semester, your defense date must precede finals week
  2. Coordinate with all committee members to find three dates that the majority of them can attend. Attendance via Zoom, Teams or similar is acceptable.
  3. Submit the Project or Thesis Defense Request form.
  4. The Graduate Student Coordinator will reserve a room in Gardner Commons and send you the reservation confirmation.
  5. We recommend you visit the space at least a day before your defense to become familiar with the space and its resources. If you need cords to connect to a projector or TV, the main department office has some available for check-out.
  6. After your defense, you can track your graduation approval status through CIS under “Graduation,” “Graduate Student Summary,” then “Grad Student Prog Plan Audit."
Last Updated: 11/15/22