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Working Papers 2003

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Working Paper 2003-01
Title: Revealed (or Imposed) Social Preferences for Equality and Growth
Authors: David Kiefer and Shahrukh Rafi Khan
Date: October 2003
Published as: "Revealed Social Preferences for Equality and Growth," in Journal of Income Distribution, March 2008, 17(1), pp.21-33.

Working Paper 2003-02
Title: On the Changing Nature of Currency Crises
Author: Korkut Erturk
Date: 2003
Published in: Philip Arestis, Jesus Ferreiro and Felipe Serrano (eds.) Financial Development in National and International Markets, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.

Working Paper 2003-03
Title: The Effect of Unions on Minority Representation in Building Trades Apprenticeship Programs
Author: Cihan Bilginsoy
Date: October 2003
Published in: Journal of Labor Research, Summer 2005, 26(3), pp.87-99.

Working Paper 2003-04
Title: Revenue Distribution across Value Chains: The Case of Home-based Sub-contracted Workers in Pakistan
Authors: Shahrukh Rafi Khan and Sajid Kazmi
Date: June 2003
Forthcoming as: "Value Chains and Exploitation in the Informal Sector," in International Journal of Applied Economics, 2008.

Working Paper 2003-05 
Title: A Note on the Tobin Tax
Author: Korkut Erturk
Date: 2003
Published in: Review of Political Economy, January 2006, 18(1), pp. 71-78.

Working Paper 2003-06
Title: Balance of Payments Constraint and Inflation
Author: Matias Vernengo
Date: May 2003
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Working Paper 2003-07
Title: Is It Possible to De-dollarize? The Case of Ecuador
Author: Kenneth P. Jameson
Date: November 2003
Published in: International Journal of Political Economy, Spring 2003, 33(1), pp.42-60.

Working Paper 2003-08
Title: Wage Regulation and Training: The Impact of State Prevailing Wage Laws on Apprenticeship
Author: Cihan Bilginsoy
Published in: Hamid Azari-Rad, Peter Philips and Mark J. Prus (eds.) The Economics of Prevailing Wage Laws, Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2005.

Working Paper 2003-09
Title: Asset Price Bubbles, Liquidity Preference and the Business Cycle
Author: Korkut Erturk
Date: July 2003
Published in: Metroeconomica, May 2006, 57(2), pp. 239-56.

Working Paper 2003-10
Title: The Gold Standard and Center-Periphery Interactions
Author: Matias Vernengo
Date: 2003
Published in: Sergio Rossi and Louis-Philippe Rochon (eds.) Modern Theories of Money, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2004.

Working Paper 2003-11
Title: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Government, NGO and Private Rural Primary Schooling and Pakistan
Author: Shahrukh Rafi Khan, Sajid Kazmi, and Zainab Latif
Date: November 2003
Published in: European Journal of Development Research, June 2005, 17(2), pp.199-223.

Working Paper 2003-12
Title: Trade and the Environment: Win-Win for the South
Author: Shaheen Rafi Khan, Mavash Qureshi, and Shahrukh Rafi Khan
Date: November 2003
Published as: "The Costs and Benefits of Compliance with International Environmental Standards," in Sustainable Development and Southern Realities: Past and Future in South Asia, SDPI (Karachi: City Press), 2003.

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