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Assistantships and Financial Aid

The Economics Department awards research and teaching assistantships and endeavors to provide other types of funding for as many students as possible. Graduate students are also eligible for fellowships offered by the University.  Applicants without either departmental funding or personal financial support sufficient to complete the program are discouraged from enrolling.

Students entering the program with financial support are guaranteed support through their fourth year, contingent upon: (1) satisfactory performance of duties, and (2) satisfactory progress towards the PhD degree.

Students entering without support can become eligible for support by compiling a satisfactory record in their coursework and qualifier exams, and by demonstrating potential for teaching and research, although availability of support is contingent on departmental needs and resources.

Teaching assignments and funding beyond the fourth year will be based on the following criteria:

  • Clearance for teaching by the university
  • Satisfactory performance of previous assignments
  • Satisfactory progress in the program
  • Needs of the curriculum
  • Knowledge of the subject

The Department Chair interprets and applies these rules in individual cases.

Last Updated: 11/15/22