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Math Tutorial



A math tutorial is offered to incoming Ph.D. students immediately before the fall semester begins. It is 4 weeks long, 2 hours a day, and free of charge. It does not show up on students’ transcript. There is an exam at the end of four weeks, which all incoming students are required to take whether they attend the tutorial or not. If a student fails the exam, s/he must retake it until it is passed. However, a student may appeal to the Graduate Committee if they pass the Micro and Macro qualifiers. Students who do poorly on this exam will not be forced out of the program, nor will their funding be cut off if they are funded. But students who do very poorly can be counseled on an informal basis to go into the MA program.


       More detail on the mathematics requirements for the Theory courses, and a guide to what will be covered in the Mathematics Tutorial, can be found at Mathematics Prerequisites.

          A sample of the type of exam that will be given before Fall Semester is available at Sample Exam.

Last Updated: 11/15/22