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Spring 2020 Course Syllabus

For more information about the Spring 2020 schedule, see here.

ECON 1740 US Economic History, Grant Thompson

ECON 1740 US Economic History, Holly Hatfield

ECON 2010-001 Principles of Microeconomics, Catherine Ruetschlin

ECON 2010-010 Principles of Microeconomics, Eunice Han

ECON 2010-090 Principles of Microeconomics, Ngwinui Belinda Azenui

ECON 2020-002 Principles of Macroeconomics, Soumava Basu

ECON 2020-090 Principles of Macroeconomics, Codrina Rada

ECON 3100-001 Labor Economics, Eunice Han

ECON 3100-090 Labor Economics, Catherine Ruetschlin

ECON 3190-002 Health Economics, Anne Yeagle

ECON 3500-090 International Economics, Han Cheng

ECON 3540-001 Current Economic Problems, Kevin Conner

ECON 3620-001 Math for Economists, Chomchak Amonvatana

ECON 3620 Math for Economics, Doguhan Sundal

ECON 3640 Probability and Statistical Inference for Economics, Haimanti Bhattacharya

ECON 3640Probability and Statistical Inference for Economics, Kelsey Carlston

ECON 3960 Economics of Sex, Drugs, and Crime, Anne Yeagle

ECON 4010-001 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis, Thomas Maloney

ECON 4010-090 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis, Junfu Zhao

ECON 4011 Intermediate Microeconomics, Subhasish Dugar

ECON 4020 Intermediate Macroeconomics, Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz

ECON 4020-090 Intermediate Macroeconomics, Rudi von Arnim

ECON 4650-001 Principles of Econometrics, Marcio Santetti 

ECON 4670 Economic Research in the Community, Richard Fowles

ECON 4890 CSBS Internship, Holly Hatfield

ECON 5470/6470-001 Industrialization and Economic Development: The American case, Thomas Maloney

ECON 6630 Applied Econometrics, Ellis Scharfenaker

ECON 7006 Microeconomic Theory, Subhasish Dugar

ECON 7800 Econometrics I, Haimanti Bhattacharya

ECON 7950 Advanced Time Series Econometrics, Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz 

ECON 7960/STAT 6574 Bayesian Theory, Ellis Scharfenaker 


Last Updated: 1/12/21