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Spring 2017 Lecture Series

Visiting Speakers and Colloquium for the Advancement of Knowledge in Economics (CAKE) Talks

Upcoming Lectures

Lisa Laun

Job Search Assistance and Displacement Effects: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
Lisa Laun, Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy

Thursday, Mar 23 | 3:30 pm
Room 105 (BLDG 73)

Joyita Roy Chowdhury

CAKE: Minimum Wage and Health
Ali Jalali, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Friday, Mar 24 | 1 pm
Room 112 (BLDG 72

Eric Edwards

Consolidation in Alaskan Ports after the Introduction of Fishing Property Rights
Eric Edwards, Utah State University

Friday, Mar 31 | 1 pm
Room 111 (BLDG 73 

Sanchit Shrivastava

Sanchit Shrivastava, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Friday, Apr 7 | 1 pm
Room 112 (BLDG 72

 Past Lectures

Ann Mari MayAgency-shopping as an Instrument of Rent-seeking and Profit-making in South Sudan
James Garang, Ebony Center for Strategic Studies and Upper Nile University

Thursday, Jan 19 | 3:30 pm
Rm 115 (BLDG 72

Michael StrainCAKE: Modeling Non–equilibrium, Non–linear Economic Systems: A Research Methodology Note
Steve Bannister, University of Utah

Friday, Feb 3 | 1:00 pm
Room 112 (BLDG 72

Jose Barrales

CAKE: Empirical Limit Cycle Oscillation in the Interaction between Income Distribution and Effective Demand
Jose Barrales, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Friday, Feb 24 | 1:00 pm
Room 112 (BLDG 72)  

Joyita Roy Chowdhury

Joyita Roy Chowdhury, University of Utah PhD Candidate

Friday, Mar 10 | 1 pm
Room 112 (BLDG 72

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