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Economics Department Scholarships

The deadlines for 2017-2018 scholarships has passed. Please check back in January 2018 for application information on 2018-2019 scholarships.

PLEASE NOTE: The department scholarships that are offered are separate from those offered by the College of Social and Behavioral Science Dean's Office. If you wish to apply for the Dean's Office Scholarships, you will need to fill out a separate application that will be available the first week of January.

Scholarship Name: Jewell J. and LaRue J. Rasmussen Endowment Fund in Economics

Available to: Junior and senior undergraduate students and graduate students in Economics

Selection Criteria: Awarded to an outstanding Economics major, based on academic record

Amount of Award(s): Varies

Number of Awards: one or more awards per year

Donor: Jewell J. Rasmussen (1908-2004) and LaRue Rasmussen (d. 1980).

Dr. Rasmussen graduated from Snow College in 1929 prior to attending the University of Utah where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. He embarked on his teaching career at Granite High School and concurrently pursued his masters degree in economics at the University of Utah, receiving his graduate degree in 1936. After teaching a year at Weber College, Dr. Rasmussen became Director of Research for the Utah Education Association where he served until 1942 when he joined the faculty of the Economics Department at the University of Utah. In the same year he was elected a member of the Board of Directors of Educators Mutual Insurance Association. In 1945 he was elected President of Educators Mutual, a position he held until 1985. Dr. Rasmussen was awarded his doctoral degree in economics from Stanford University and continued his teaching career at the University of Utah, rising from the ranks of instructor to professor. For ten years he served as chairman of the Economics Department. It was said of him that as chairman "he was responsible for the department's intellectual diversity, intellectual and academic tolerance as well as our fiercely maintained climate of intellectual freedom . . ." His economics research focused primarily on state and local finance. He retired from the University of Utah in 1977.

Scholarship Name: Elvin D. Asay Endowed Scholarship

Available to: Undergraduate students in Economics in odd-numbered years

Selection Criteria: Financial need

Amount of Award: Typically $2,000

Number of Awards: Typically one

Donor: Kathleen M. Asay in honor of her husband Elvin D. Asay

Scholarship Name: Rhonda Staskow Scholarship

Available to: Undergraduate students in Economics

Selection Criteria: Merit and need, at the discretion of the Chair of the Department

Amount of Award: Typically $2,500

Number of Awards: Typically two

Donor: John Staskow in honor of his wife, Rhonda Barrus Staskow, an alumna of the Department of Economics.

Scholarship Name: Tim and Liz Jaggi Scholarship

Available to: Undergraduate students in Economics

Selection Criteria: a student with a particular interest in finance. Scholarship awarded at the discretion of the Chair of the Department

Amount of Award: Typically $3,000

Number of Awards: Typically one

Donor: Tim and Liz Jaggi. Tim and Liz are both young alumni of the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Tim completed a BS in Economics Liz a BA in Psychology. Tim and Liz are excited to give something back to students in the College.


Available to: Undergraduate students in Economics

Selection Criteria:

  1. Must be a Utah resident (U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens), entering freshmen, transfer or continuing student seeking a first bachelor’s degree.
  2. Eligible students must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA and must enroll for a minimum of twelve credit hours each semester.

Amount of Award: Varies

Number of Awards: Five-seven

Graduate Fellowships

 To apply for a graduate fellowship, please submit a statement that outlines your current (or intended) dissertation research and have an Economics faculty member submit a nomination letter. The nomination and statement should be sent to or submit physical copies to Bldg 73 Rm 222 by March 1, 2017.


Available to: Doctoral candidates in Economics. In rare circumstances it may be awarded to an undergraduate with senior class standing.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Recipients shall be full-time students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  2. They shall have passed the qualifying exam on the first attempt
  3. They have a cumulative GPA of a 3.7 and shall maintain a 3.7 GPA each semester. Awarded at the discretion of the selection committee

Amount of Award: Varies

Number of Awards: One per year

Donor: Established in 1999 by Siegfried G. and Ellen G. Karsten as the Howard-Karsten Endowed Fellowship/Scholarship Fund in the Department of Economics in memory of Aubrey Howard.



Available to: Doctoral students in economics specializing in international and development economics

Selection Criteria: Merit

Amount of Award: Typically $7,500 in 2017-2018

Number of Awards: Typically one

Donor: Professor Stephen Reynolds held a PhD in Economics and taught at the University of Utah for 47 years. He loved teaching and he loved his family. Steve was known and admired throughout the world, and he impacted thousands of lives both through his teaching and his stoic goodness. He taught in Europe, Central America and Asia. He came to love Asia and Thailand in particular where he left a lasting legacy.

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