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  • Q: What can advisors in the Economics office help me with? A: The things that we can do for you include helping you plan your coursework, helping you understand the graduation requirements for the econ major specifically and helping you learn about graduate and professional school options for economics majors. For questions about graduation requirements outside the economics major (total hours, upper division hours, QA, QB, HF, FF, SF, WR2, CW, DV, BA, etc.), it will be more efficient for you to consult with a University College advisor, 801-581-8146
  • Q: How do I set up an appointment to meet with my advisor? A: You can book online (click on the red "book an advising appointment" button). 
  • Q: Can I bring my (mom, dad, spouse, etc) to my advising appointment? Can you release my information over the phone to me or someone else? A: Yes, if you complete a FERPA release "PIN". Here's how:
    • Log into the Campus Information Services (CIS) and find the box labeled 'Student Records"
    • Click on "FERPA Release Consent"
    • Check the box for academic advising (third box down)
    • Create a PIN (PIN can be letters and/or number, no minimum, max of 20 characters. Make this pin something you will remember but also something only you, or those you give it to would know)
    • Enter information of others you would like the advisor to release information to (i.e. a parent of spouse)
    • Click the 'Save" button.
    • When you or your designated person call for your appointment the advisor will verify your PIN to confirm your identity.



  • Q: I took (ECON 4650, 5050, 5060, 5080, 5400, 5410, 5420, 5430, 5460 or 5470). Will this course count as BOTH a "focus area" class and an Economics elective? A:No. Courses that are used to fulfill the focus area requirement do not double count toward the economics elective requirement. Just keep in mind that you need 12 econ courses (or approved substitutes), along with 12 allied hours (probably 4 courses), to complete the Economics Department requirements.
  • Q; I took an upper division course in [...]. I think it should count for allied credit, but it is not showing up that way on my DARS report. Why not? A: We accept allied credit only from specific departments. The list is long but it doesn't include every department on campus. Please consult this list (on the major requirement sheet, and in the University catalog) before scheduling courses for allied credit. In rare cases, we will make exceptions and count as allied some upper-division work from departments not on this list. However, we will consider the ONLY if you seek pre-approval (before enrolling for the relevant courses), by providing us with syllabi or course descriptions, and if you make a case (in writing) as to why these courses are important for your academic and career goals. (Please keep in mind that allied work must be upper-division, the courses must be taken for a grade, and you must earn a C- or better.)
  • Q: I took an Economics course as CR/NC and it is not clearing my major requirement in the DARS. Why? A: All courses taken to fulfill major requirements must be taken for a letter grade (A,B, etc.) and NOT as credit/no credit. If you mistakenly register as CR/NC, you should reverse it immediately, or if it is past the deadline, file a petition to reverse it (see "Petitions" below).


  • Q: What are the Math prerequisites for Economics? A: Either MATH 1050 or MATH 1090.
  • Q: I took ECON 3620. It does not meet the prerequisite for Calculus II. Why? A: While the Economics Department will accept Calculus I as a substitute for ECON 3620, the Math Department does not accept Economics courses as substitutes for Math courses. If you feel you have sufficient proficiency in math, check with the math advisor about taking a placement exam.


  • Q: I took [an economics course] at [another university]. The credit shows up on my DARS as a transfer course, but it doesn't seem to be fulfilling any economics requirements. Why not? A: In most cases, we will have to manually update your record in order to indicate how your transfer coursework counts toward your completion of the economics major. The University will first accept the credit, and it will show up on your DARS. Once that happens, you need to make an advising appointment to have us figure out how that coursework will fit into your departmental work. You should provide us with a syllabus or at least a course description to help us evaluate the course. We can do this only for economics courses that might count as "allied credit." If you have transfer courses that you think should fulfill non-department requirements, you need to talk to a University College advisor about that. (If your transfer courses are coming from a school within Utah, much of this will occur automatically, especially for lower division courses.)
  • Q: I took a course at another school, passed it, and took it again here at the U. Do I get credit for both of the time I took it? A: No. Even though it will temporarily show up on your DARS as double credit, the transfer credits will be removed when the Graduation office audits your records before graduation. Please plan ahead and keep track of any transfer courses you may have repeated here at the U of U. Even if the course NAMES are different, if the course CONTENT is similar it will be considered a "repeated course" and the transfer hours will be removed.


  • Q: I mistakenly took an Economics course as CR/NC and it is too late to reverse it. What should I do? A: File a Registrar's Office petition. If you are an Economics major, you will initiate the petition process through the Dean's office in the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Find more information here
  • Q: I became very ill last semester and was unable to attend classes. I failed everything as a result. What should I do? A: You do not have to suffer in silence! If you are faced with a severe illness, family situation or other non-academic situations beyond your control, there are some things you can do to salvage your degree.
    • Communicate with your instructors.
    • You can petition to withdraw from a class after the deadline under certain circumstances. Visit to find out how to go about this. Please provide as much documentation as possible for example doctor's notes, etc.


  • Q: What is the difference between the two? A: If you complete the standard Econ Departmental requirements, you will qualify for a BS degree. If you want to earn a BA, you must get credit for additional foreign language work, basically a fourth semester course or its equivalent, but consult with the University College advisors if you are uncertain). This choice will not, to our knowledge, have any effect on your ability to get a job or your success in applying for graduate school. It will give you a way to formally certify additional language skills that you have earned.


  • Q: I want to take a particular course next year. Can you tell me if it will be offered? A: The Core courses in Econ (2010, 2020, 3620, 3640, 4010, and 4020) are offered every semester in multiple sections. Several electives and focus area courses (3100, 3200, 3500, 3540, 4650, 5060, 5190, 5470) are offered every semester. Other electives are typically offered once per year. Consult the list on the back of the major requirements sheet, but keep in mind that these patterns may not always hold due to changes in faculty responsibilities, etc.
  • Q: Which courses are offered online? A: Currently we offer ECON 1010, 1740, 2010, 2020, 4020, 3500, and 4650.


  • Q: How do I apply for graduation? A: You will need to fill out a Graduation Application, meet in person with your major and minor advisors, and have them sign your application. Return the application to the graduation office (250 SSB) before the deadline:
    • Spring Graduation, November 1 of preceding Fall Semester
    • Summer Graduation, February 1 of preceding Spring Semester
    • Fall Graduation, June 1 of preceding Summer Semester
    • Find more details here
  • Q: Can I "walk" in the Spring graduation ceremony but finish my classes during the summer after? A: Yes, BUT walking in the ceremony does not necessarily mean you have "graduated". You must complete all of your degree requirements and be cleared by the Graduation office in order to graduate and receive your diploma.


  • Q: I'd like to do an internship. How do I find out about oppourtunities? A: There are many sources of internship opportunities: The Hinckley Institute of Politics (they accept Econ majors), Career Services, and the MUSE project are the best resources.
  • Q: Can I earn college credit by doing an internship? How do I set that up? A: College credit for internships is set up through the internship source, for example Hinckley internship credit is set up by the Hinckley Institute. You will need to get your internship approved and set up in advance of the semester you start it.
  • Q: I am graduating next semester and need to start looking for a job. What should I do? A: the best resources on campus for helping you with your job search can be found at the Career Services Office, in room 350 in the Student Services Building. Visit
Last Updated: 6/22/17