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Undergraduate Permission Number Request 

Please use this form to obtain permission codes for ECON undergraduate courses with prerequisites enforced and for Honors Thesis hours. Permission codes will be processed within ten (10) business days from submission, in the order received. Please refrain from submitting multiple requests for the same course as that will result in your request filtering to the bottom of the list. Permission codes will be sent to the student’s umail account.

The Department of Economics started enforcing prerequisites for Summer 2019 registration. Students who are experiencing a registration error but have met the prerequisites may request a permission number. Please note: a permission number request submission does not guarantee enrollment. Prerequisite information is available for your review in the general catalog course description for the individual course.

Students interested in receiving a permission number for a course that is full or that requires department consent must contact the course instructor to obtain a permission number.

Contact Information
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  1. (e.g. u0123456)
Course Information
  1. For which course do you need a permission number?
  1. Have you arranged with a faculty member to supervise this course?
  2. Please do not submit this form until you have found a faculty supervisor. We cannot issue a permission number until we know who your supervisor is.
  1. Reason for Permission Code Request
    (Choose all that apply)
  1. I am taking this ECON course to fulfill a requirement for another academic program or as a non-matriculated student and have not met the prerequisites
Last Updated: 11/5/21