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Economics Student Advisory Committee

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What is a SAC?

Student Advisory Committees exist for every department to act in behalf of students in dealings with department faculty, ASUU, and University administration. SACs are responsible for hosting events, producing Retention, Promotion, and Tenure reports, and working to improve the social and intellectual climate of their individual departments.

The Economics Department utilizes this SAC for a diversity of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Promote academic and social activities
  • Encourage collaboration with other student organizations
  • Perform and facilitate Retention, Promotion, and Tenure responsibilities for faculty
  • Participate in the Course Evaluation process
  • Recommend improvements to University and Departmental policies and procedures
  • Build campus community at the U
  • Join committee groups (e.g. Curriculum Committee, Superior Teaching Award Committee)
  • Learn about the amazing educational resources for economics students

Undergraduate SAC:  Devan Parkinson, Chair

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Graduate SAC: Ali Jalali, Chair.

Mission Statement

The Economics Student Advisory Committee is dedicated to serving the students of the University of Utah Economics Department by acting on their behalf to provide improved educational opportunities, social interactions, and institutional support through substantive dialog between students, faculty, and ASUU.

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